A global shipping solution focused on reducing complexity as you scale your business

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We are a leading shipping software solution for ecommerce businesses to depend on as they scale their business — all the way from order processing to post-purchase tracking & returns. Our easy–to–use platform covers the gambit of shipping needs, including carrier optimization, label creation, automation rules, tracking and analytics. Beyond that, we connect to partners across your entire shipping ecosystem, including carriers, ecommerce platforms, and other partners across your IT stack to make sure your business is flowing smoothly. Our mission is to streamline your shipping, so you can focus on what matters most for growing your business.

Our story

ShipAccel recognizes the evolving landscape of ecommerce and has identified an opportunity to better meet the shipping needs of online businesses. With the support and expertise from Pitney Bowes, a renowned leader in shipping and mailing, we have designed a shipping solution tailored specifically for online businesses. This initiative highlights our commitment to empowering ecommerce sellers with streamlined shipping processes, enhanced logistics, and cutting-edge technology solutions, without compromising our efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our values


We will help you accelerate your business


We will bring the latest analytics and automation tech to help you solve your needs


We will provide industry insights to help you scale effectively

Industry leadership

We will provide you with differentiated reliability
Integrate seamlessly with your IT stack
Integrate with major players across your IT stack, including popular ERP/WMS systems such as QuickBooks & NetSuite
Customize automation rules to help you manage complex internal workflows
Use our automation rules to simplify repetitive tasks throughout your workflow with simple "IF/THEN" logic
Compare real-time rates for major carriers
Compare rates across major carriers, including USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS. Select your preferred shipping option based on time and cost
Ensure fast, reliable system performance
Upload and generate up to 100,00 labels per batch with 99.99% system reliability
Customer support
Access phone, email and chat support across your shipping journey depending on your chosen pricing tier
Real-time, branded tracking & returns
Use our tracking and returns management capabilities to keep your customers informed and engaged post-purchase